Living With Rodents or Squirrels?

Call Expert Wildlife Removal for squirrel removal today. Serving Duxbury, Plymouth, Kingston and all of Plymouth County.

Safe Pest Removal for Your Home

Call Expert Wildlife Removal for wildlife control in Duxbury, Plymouth, Kingston, and Plymouth County, MA

If you have unwanted wildlife living in your home, don't settle for inexperienced pest removal services that use poison and other harmful methods. Expert Wildlife Removal provides professional wildlife removal to Duxbury, Plymouth, Marshfield, Kingston MA. We also serve all of Plymouth County. Our most popular services include:

Squirrel removal

Rodent removal

Bat removal

Our team of licensed PAC agents offers wildlife removal and prevention for your home. We can help you with squirrel removal, rodent control, bat removal & bat control. To learn more about our services in Duxbury, Plymouth, Marshfield, Kingston, MA, call Expert Wildlife Removal today. We also serve all of Plymouth County.

Expert knowledge meets top-notch customer service

One day in the 1980s, an older neighbor called our founder to remove a raccoon from her house. After successfully wrangling the raccoon from her home, he quickly realized that he could turn this skill set into a business. From there, Expert Wildlife Removal of Plymouth County, MA was born.

At 12 years old, his son began joining him on jobs. Today, almost 15 years later, the two of them run Expert Wildlife Removal. Each member of their small team is a fully licensed PAC agent. To schedule wildlife control in Duxbury, Plymouth, Marshfield, Kingston, MA, contact our team at Expert Wildlife Removal now.

Why hire Expert Wildlife Removal?

At Expert Wildlife Removal, we never use poison to eliminate unwanted animals. Our team only uses ethical traps to capture and release pests. We also follow each wildlife removal service with preventive measures to keep animals from returning to your home.

Expert Wildlife Removal is a local, family-owned business. When you call our offices, you'll speak directly with the owner every time. Each member of our team has years of knowledge and experience, and our services are covered by a one-year warranty. If you're searching for a skilled wildlife removal service in Duxbury, Plymouth, Marshfield, Kingstonor anywhere in Plymouth County, MA, call us today.

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