squirrel removal services  in Plymouth County, Duxbury, Kingston MA

Squirrels Nesting in Your Attic?

Call Expert Wildlife Removal for squirrel removal services. Serving the Duxbury, Plymouth, Marshfield, Kingston, MA areas

Expert Wildlife Removal of Duxbury, Plymouth, Marshfield, Kingston & Sandwich, MA uses exclusion techniques for squirrel pest control. We begin the squirrel removal process by sealing access points around your home's exterior. Then, we set up traps to capture squirrels that are living in your home. No matter what, we never use poison.

We install one way doors allowing squirrels to exit and not re-enter. Once we determine all of the squirrels have been removed successfully, we'll seal up your home completely so that no more animals can enter. If you're seeking squirrel pest control in Duxbury, Plymouth, Marshfield, Kingston,MA, contact Expert Wildlife Removal now. We serve all of Plymouth County.

Are there squirrels in your home?

Squirrels are one of the most common pests in residential buildings throughout Duxbury, Plymouth, Marshfield, Kingston, MA. While some cases of squirrel infestation are obvious, others might be more subtle. You could have squirrels in your home if:

  • You hear strange noises from your ceiling or walls
  • You find traces of squirrel droppings
  • You can smell animal urine or decaying flesh
  • You see unusual water damage on your ceiling and walls

If you notice any of these signs, you'll need to consult a professional squirrel removal company to confirm that squirrels are present. If you suspect squirrels have invaded your home in Duxbury, Plymouth, Marshfield, Kingston,MA, call Expert Wildlife Removal today.